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  • The unique game camera has infrared night vision function, our 4G cellular tracking camera has full HD night vision function (4G/3G/2G), and can record clear 1080P video/12MP day or night photos. Cycling GPS positioning, Wi-Fi cellular function enables it to instantly send the speaker, including a 64 GB SD memory card, to any phone or e-mail in the United States or Canada.
  • Our or other outdoor game cameras do not have functions-the wireless outdoor game cameras are waterproof and snowproof. Animals or intruders will not be able to see 52 non-luminous IR 950nm LEDs. Powered by AA batteries, you can even connect it to the solar battery motherboard to maintain constant energy. If you are not completely satisfied with the hunting camera, please contact us.
  • The cheapest data plan and the simplest set-up-we are a family business and we use our hunting products every day. We hope that these products can be easily operated and are suitable for environments of -40 seconds to 60 degrees Celsius. When you receive our product, you will find that it contains more powerful cost performance than similar products.
  • Safety, hunting, wildlife-don't use it to hunt in the wild with cameras, also reset home security, wildlife surveillance or farm surveillance. Wide dynamic lens with 110° PIR angle and fast 0. The 2-second trigger allows you to capture 1 to 3 photos per trigger. And you can choose 5-30 seconds of video shooting. What if you can’t quickly check the stealth security system? Now you can view real-time photos using a secure wireless gaming camera.
  • The task of using them is to make hunting easy-multiple video and photo settings and high-tech features allow you to adjust the Cellular Trail camera to your goals. You can choose the delay function to receive photos every 3 minutes, or use a timer to record field activities only during certain hours. It includes a free 64 GB memory card, and the SD cycle helps you never consume memory. Has never been easier

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