ZPWSNH Hunting Camera Game Camera HC-300M12MP HD Pixel Infrared Automatic MMS Remote Control Wildlife Reconnaissance Camera Hunting Camera

Infrared LEDs with no flashing lights clearly capture the movement of wildlife. The trigger distance and infrared detection distance can be up to 20 meters (65 feet), making the night camera more concealed.
The device is resistant to water and snow and is ideal for outdoor use such as animal hunting and trailing, ecological monitoring, home monitoring and more.
1. High quality (12 million pixel CMOS chip, shooting 4032 × 3024 pixel images, you can also shoot 2048 × 1532 images, one shot, optional 1-3 shots)
2. Quick start response (from discovery to shooting, time interval less than 1.2 seconds)
3. Long standby time (standby current is less than 0.1 mA, rechargeable lithium battery at room temperature can be used for 2 weeks, once -20 °C, standby 45 days record)

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