XINHUANG Wild Camera Photo 16MP SMS MMS SMTP 2G 1080P Full HD Hunting Camera, Game Wildlife Camera with 2.0 LCD Display

  • Fast response, Support MMS / SMS / email via GSM transmission network.In addition, the camera can be used as a portable digital camera, your good helper will be able to capture the surprise moments.
  • High picture quality (16 million pixel CMOS chip, shoot pictures of 4032 × 3024 pixels, you can also shoot pictures of 2048 × 1532 pixels, and a trigger for optional shooting 1-3 photos.), This is a high-definition digital camera withMMSFunction, automatic monitoring, monitoring of recordings and monitoring.
  • Video recording (1080p pixel image, 30 frames / sec., Video length 10-90 seconds optional.), Night shot without flash (no flash design, night shot with an infrared LED, shooting without flash, not easy to lose by firing)
  • Long standby time (standby current less than 0.1mA, rechargeable lithium batteries at normal temperatures may take two weeks, there was a booth record of 45 days in -20 ℃.)
  • TF card recording (very convenient and cheap, maximum support 32G.)

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