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  • About the product: Infrared surveillance camera is a high-definition digital camera with a remote control that can automatically monitor camera, monitor and reconnaissance at the same time. This model does not support MMS/SMS/email transmission via GSM network
  • Product features: This outdoor tracking camera uses pyro-sensing animal (human body) sensing technology to automatically shoot high-definition (16 million pixels) pictures and smooth videos.
  • Ultra-long energy: This outdoor tracking camera is in an energy-saving state when it does not detect animals or human bodies. It consumes only 100 microamps of electricity and can be in a state of alert for a long time.
  • Imaging effect: automatic color conversion to black and white, taking color photos during the day and black and white photos at night.
  • Durable: This camera has undergone long-term testing and improvement in alpine regions, with stable and reliable performance and mature manufacturing technology, even if the temperature is as low as -30°C (guaranteed value is -20°C) or as high as +70°C in long-term use.

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