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  • Wildgame Innovations | Make the hunt happen. Bold hunting solutions that push performance forward
  • Hex Lightsout Trail Camera | Hex Lightsout Camera's biggest trick is actually small. With a footprint of just 7.5 square centimeters, this game camera practically disappears when mounted to a tree or fence post
  • Undetectable Design | Trubark HD wraps camera in camoflauge with a tree-like texture | Silent Shield quiets all camera operations | Lightsout technology illuminates with an invisible flash
  • Simple Setup | Hex easily mounts to any tree or fence post and stays concealed with its small size and TruBark HD camo
  • Specs | HD photo and 720p video capabilities | Megapixels: 20 | Illumination Range: 80 Feet | Illumination Type: 42 Invisible Black LEDS | Trigger Speed: < 1/2 Sec | Multi-layer dot matric LCD for easy programming | Backlit Display

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Wildgame Innovations
1 Year
Trubark HD Camo

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