Whitetail’R PhoneREAD’R Android Game and Trail Camera Viewer

Instantly access your Game/Trail Camera Photos with your Android 4.0 phone. No app Needed, just plug it in.
Simply insert your SD card into the PhoneREAD’R, connect it to your phone’s micro USB port and you can view, delete/clear, save or share images from your phone.
Weath’R Shield keeps both the Micro USB connector and SD port safe from dirt and debris when you’re on the move. Requires Android 4.0 phones with OTG function such as: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, and Note 4; Motorola Moto X; LG G3 and HTC ONE and more.(If you don’t see your phone listed or jsut want to be certain that it will work download the “USB OTG CHECKER” app to ensure OTG functionality.
The PhoneREAD’R is small and light weight while also being a fraction of the cost of those Bulky Cam viewers.

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