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  • Provide Realistic Details: With this hunting camera, you can get the realistic details of wild animals including their behavior, since it has 1080P full HD resolution and automatic day/night sensor.
  • Continuous Capture Modes: Still be afraid of missing the wonderful fast motion of wild animals Try this trail camera that allows you to have 3 consecutive photos within 0.7s and get a detail of animal’s amazing moment.
  • Excellent Motion-activated Sensor: This camera has excellent motion-activated sensor and no-glow infrared Led technology, so you can observe the animal with high-quality black and white night vision without drawing any attention.
  • IP66 Waterproof: There are waterproof rubber ring and waterproof case, which can reach IP66 grade of waterproof. So it can be used in many place with harsh environment for a long time.
  • Research of Wild Animal: This is a useful tool for you to make research of wild animal, since it allows you to observe animal in a closer view. Also, it can be used to record plant’s growing processing.

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