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  • 🦌King of All Trail Camera Straps🦌 Upperosey olive green straps are thoughtfully designed for trail cameras and hunters. 6 feet length and 1 inch wide is the golden perfect size for trail camera straps. Long enough to wrap around tree with both large and small tree banks. It is wider than most trail camera straps for the extra strength but just enough to fit into all the back holders of your favorite trail camera, name it Reveal, Moultrie, Spypoint, Stealth, Muddy, Wildgame.
  • 🦌Survive the Winter with Zinc Metal Buckle🦌 Most plastic buckles crack over a nasty winter but not for our Dark Zinc metal buckles. Game camera straps metal resist -105°F to 140°F and hold your trail cameras while others are fallen apart during winter. Rely on Zinc metal buckle and stay confident to your game throughout the season.
  • 🦌Ultra Durable with Nylon Fabric🦌 Broken straps and fallen trail cameras after 3 months is our nightmare. That is why we design Upperosey Olive Green Straps with Nylon fabric to make it ultra durable in sun or snow. Our trail camera strap mount can hold up to 220lbs and work while others don't.
  • 🦌Extra Durable with Box Cross Stitches🦌 Durability and reliability are the names of the game for hunters. Box cross stitches at the end of mounting strap outdoor give it an extra layer of strength and protection to the dynamics from the nature.
  • 🦌Hidden in the Woods with Olive Green Body🦌 Body of the strap is designed in olive green to make it blend into the woods and stay invisible to the eyes. 3 easy steps to attach your game cameras in seconds. Upperosey Olive Straps are the king of the trail camera straps.

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6 Feet
Olive Green

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