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  • Infrared pyroelectric sensing of animal and human body sensing technology, automatic shooting of high-definition pictures and videos, automatic recognition of day and night functions; daytime shooting of color photos and video, night-time shooting of black and white photos and video
  • The camera has a pixel of up to 12 million pixels, and the camera captures quickly. Once an animal (human body) enters the detection area, its camera function will start immediately (starting time is 0.6 ~ 0.8 seconds) to take photos or videos, which can be set to 9 beat.
  • Automatically store the captured images on the SD card, up to 32G, automatic continuous shooting can take 1-9 pictures in succession, which is convenient for recording the rapid movement of animals or human body, ensuring that important pictures are not lost.
  • The SD card can record images continuously for up to 20 hours, and you can set your own delay for 1 second to 24 hours to take photos or videos.
  • Industrial grade waterproof, moisture-proof, sand-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-seismic protection design, * Suitable for outdoor use, especially suitable for the wild use of the rainy season in Europe and the United States and the long-term low-temperature snow in winter.

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