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  • 120-degree ultra-wide sensing angle, ultra-wide-angle shooting, 15-meter trigger distance, 26 black light lamp to fill light. It can shoot clear images even in total darkness.
  • The camouflage pattern color is shipped randomly, with better hiding records. 1200W high-definition pixels/1080 high-definition video, clear color images and separate clear black and white images at night, allowing you to clearly understand the wildlife that you have been eager to pay attention to.
  • One of the key measures to track camera performance is the trigger speed. Fast capture in 0.5 seconds, long standby time for a whole year. When no movement (animal or human body) is detected, it is in a dormant state, and the power consumption needs 0.01mA.
  • Very suitable for monitoring reptiles, poikilotherm or amphibians, while reducing unintentional shooting caused by leaves or grass, saving power and having SD card storage space. This means that you can view the latest images taken on the camera comfortably in your home.
  • The quality of the camera can resist rain, sand, or corrosion. Coupled with a sturdy shell, it ensures a long service life. Using the mounting strap, you can easily install this off-road camera anywhere.

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