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  • 📷 Low Power Consumption & IP65 Waterproof: 8AA batteries cooperate with the sleep function of the hunting camera itself, can be used continuously for 29 hours in the wild. The hunting camera's waterproof rating is as high as IP65, which can completely prevent the intrusion of rain and other foreign objects and avoid affecting the normal operation of the hunting camera.
  • 📷 Full HD 1296P/24MP: After repeated tests and upgrades to the hunting camera M50, it now supports up to 1296P/24MP high-definition pictures and videos, allowing you to understand animals more vividly, so as to get the best viewing effect.
  • 📷 Infrared Induction Technology: 38 infrared lights, even in the dark, can ensure clear night images and videos, allowing you to record every wonderful moment. When animals pass by at night, because of the concealment of the hunting camera, the animals will not be disturbed, so that better results can be taken.
  • 📷 Fast Motion Detection: 0.2s trigger speed, 0.5 second fast recovery time, keeping the most beautiful moment in the shortest time. The 2.33-inch ultra-high-definition screen makes photos and videos appear more realistic.
  • 📷 Easy To Install & Widely Used: The tough and wear-resistant mounting belt can easily fix the hunting camera in any place, and the appearance is not conducive to animal discovery. SJCAM hunting camera M50 is widely used in wildlife protection and observation, home security, farm area monitoring And other fields.

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