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Last modified: October 8, 2021 at 10:33 pm

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  • ALL-PURPOSE A SERIES: The A-Series is offered in both long-range infrared flash and iNVISIBLE flash. Each A-Series camera is equipped with fast trigger speeds, under 0.9 seconds, so you don’t miss a thing. A-Series cameras are offered with 12 to 14 megapixels, depending on model, and take video in 720p resolution.
  • CELLULAR COMPATIBLE: A-Series cameras are Moultrie Mobile compatible. Any A-Series camera can be connected to an MV2 (Verizon) or MA2 (AT&T) 4G Field Modem.
  • HD VIDEO RECORDING: All A-Series cameras can record in HD (1280x720) video. Video can tell a more-clear story than photos. See animals interact in their natural environment.
  • INCREDIBLE NIGHT IMAGES: Built-in Invisible Flash. The no-glow infrared flash captures beautiful nighttime images from as far as 80 feet away without alerting game or intruders that a picture has been taken. The ILLUMI-NIGHT 2 sensor then delivers truly crisp, clear nighttime images of trophy bucks, predators and human intruders.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: A-Series cameras conveniently run on 8 AA batteries. Not only are all of the camera’s features powered by the AA batteries, but the camera will take up to 17,000 images before it’s time to replace batteries (Please see Description below for more information).

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