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  • 🦁【Automatic detection】🦁: As long as an animal or a person appears within 10 meters of the camera, the camera will automatically take a photo and transfer it to your mobile phone through the built-in WIFI/Bluetooth device.
  • 🐯【Infrared night vision camera】🐯: The latest infrared night vision camera in 2021 will not reduce the resolution of the picture due to the night. Let you monitor animals or people at night, understand animal habits, and hunt happily. You can also guard your property if you install it as a surveillance camera outside your house or near the farm.
  • 🦌【HD Camera】🦌: The camera adopts the world's most advanced technology, with 12.5 million pixels so that you can clearly understand the behavior of animals and people, even a mosquito can't escape the camera's surveillance. 1080P resolution, clearer capture moments, easier to preview the composition.
  • 🐃【Automatic setting】🐃: By setting the camera, you can take time-lapse shooting every day, or you can take interval shooting to set multiple intervals as one time. To meet your needs, it can also be suitable for monitoring any animal
  • 🐘【Extra Time Standby】🐘: I believe that many hunters will encounter troubles. Some animals are difficult to find, and the standby time of the camera is not long enough, which leads to missed many opportunities. Our product is in a dormant state when no animal or human is detected, and it will automatically monitor as long as it finds animal traces. If it is equipped with 8xAA batteries, it can be used for about 8 months.

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3.9"x 2.6"x 5.4 inch
Infrared Night Vision - A

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