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  • Intelligent surround sound source of birds and beasts attracts animals, can be customized to add or delete, can set 8 groups of timing or time period to play, the longest distance of the sound up to 1000m.
  • Camera 2.7K real HD video recording, 30m trigger distance, equipped with 2.8in 720x320 HD display, it only takes 0.2 seconds from animal sensing trigger to shoot.
  • The PIR detective angle is 110°C, infrared sensor can automatically start shooting or video recording, super night vision function.
  • It can also add custom sound source to drive away harmful animals such as weasels, mice, wolves, etc., to prevent damage to the house and injury to personnel.
  • Widely used, it can be used to study the habits of wild animals in the field, time‑lapse shooting to record the growth process of plants, farm monitoring and driving, home anti‑theft.

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