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  • Bundle Includes: Cuddeback J-1521 CuddeLink Long Range IR Trail Camera, Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Trail Camera (Verizon), and 2 x SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10 SD Memory Card
  • Industry-Leading Performance: CuddeLink J-Series is for the hunter who wants fast access to their trail camera images. CuddeLink cameras wirelessly talk to each other to automatically send the images they take to one Home camera. CuddeLink eliminates having to check multiple trail cameras – instead of checking all your cameras, you only check one
  • Benefits: The CuddeLink J-Series cameras are designed with high performance, full features, and compact size. Features Cuddeback’s industry leading 1/4 second trigger speed, 20-megapixel images, and advanced setup features that allow you to use different settings for day and night
  • Best Technology: The CuddeLink Cell features Cuddeback's best technology. Cuddeback's patented Power House technology uses super capacitors to store energy - allowing the camera to deliver 3 times the power to the LEDs. The result is more range, better image quality, and less motion blur
  • Cuddelink Compatible Cuddelink, a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows cameras to communicate with each other for seamless images transfer, can transmit images from remote cameras to one home camera. You can transfer images from up to 24 Remote Cuddelink cameras to one home camera (Gen 2 Firmware required to expand network to 24 cameras)

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