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  • Fast Response: Once discovering the target, you can shoot in less than 0.3 seconds, which means you are less likely to miss the opportunity to capture images of moving quickly in the field of view.
  • High Image Quality: The camera features 20 million pixels CMOS chip, 6500 × 4800 pixels, optional 1-9 pictures, TF card, maximum 64GB.
  • HD Resolution: The 1080P HD resolution and an automatic day and night sensor ensure clear, realistic images and videos, providing the realistic details you need to gain insight into the behavioral characteristics of animals.
  • Small Size: The camera needs AA dry battery, which costs little and the battery is easy to replace in the open; With ultra-small size, the camera has strong concealment. It does not flash at night shooting, so you are not easy to be exposed.
  • WIFI Function: When the mobile phone connects to the camera via WIFI, you can directly view photos and videos in the camera through the mobile phone APP, and you can control the connection of the mobile phone and the camera through the remote control.

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Wifi Version (810)

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