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  • 📹Design: This digital camera with camouflage and exquisite appearance is an ideal product for home security, warehouse monitoring and wildlife monitoring. It is easy to install or repair and can be used to take pictures and create video files.
  • 📹Power supply: The PR600 camera can use 4 AA batteries and a 5 V DC power supply. Note: It is recommended to remove the AA battery when using the power adapter. Perfect for home, office, construction site, warehouse, etc .; Instant trigger night vision surveillance camera, wildlife observation.
  • 📹USB connection: If the camera is connected to the PC via a USB cable, only data files are read. If the camera is connected to the adapter via a USB cable, it is only used for the power supply. Accelerated photography is perfect for watching flowering plants and nesting birds, even sunrise and sunset.
  • 📹 HIGH SENSITIVITY: This digital camera is designed to give users the most comfortable experience. It has extraordinary functions such as a 52 ° FOV lens, 38 infrared LEDs, a shutter speed of 0.8 S and 1 photo / second with up to 5 photos and 30S video files each. that every detected movement is documented in real time.
  • 📹APPLICATION: camera trap for hunting. Animal, plant or event observation. Automatic PIR recording mode: If you activate PIR (passive infrared) sensors, the camera detects the sudden change in the ambient temperature caused by the movement of the game in a region of interest and triggers the recording of photos / videos.

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