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  • 20 MP RESOLUTION WITH 0.4- 0.7 SECs TRIGGER SPEED: It is a 20 MP camera that captures 1920 x 1080 FHD video with sound with 0.4 - 0.7-second trigger speed.
  • MULTI-SHOT/RAPID FIRE MODE: The camera is also capable of capturing up to 8 images in Multi-Shot mode and 8 in Rapid Fire mode ensuring that you don't miss the action.
  • INVISIBLE INFRARED LED FLASH: The feature set includes Night Vision invisible infrared LED flash with a maximum range of 80'.
  • OPTIONAL EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY: The camera runs on 8 AA batteries, which are available separately, or on an optional external power supply connected to its 12V power jack.
  • 2" COLOR SCREEN: This camera also features a 2” color screen on which images and video can be reviewed (Please see Description below for more information).

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