1080P HD Hunting Camera, 120° Wide View Outdoor Waterproof Trail Camera with Night Vision

Infrared night vision: no flash at night: no flash design, infrared LED light for night shooting, no flash when shooting, not easy to expose, so it is not easy to lose. Quick start response, less than 1.2 seconds between target detection and shooting.
Long standby: The standby time is extremely long, the standby current is less than 0.2ma, and the rechargeable lithium battery stands at room temperature for 2 weeks, with -20°C and 45 days standby recording. Rechargeable battery, low cost, easy to replace on site.
Automated shooting and forensics: Any movement of a person (or animal) in a region of interest (ROI) monitored by a high-sensitivity passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor is triggered immediately, then automatically captures high-quality images (up to 16 pixels) or recording HD video.
High-definition picture quality: The 16-megapixel CMOS chip can shoot 4000 * 3000 pixel images, or 3200 * 2400 pixel images, and can take 1-9 images at the same time, so that you can see the images more realistically.
Perfect detection range: With the most advanced multi-zone detection sensor, the tracking camera has a 120° detection angle and a 65-foot detection range, perfectly matching the 120° field of view. Ultra-small size design, powerful and concealed.

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