Juslink Trail/ Scouting/ Game Camera Viewer for Android Devices, Micro Usb Connection, Reads SD/micro SD/mini SD/MS/M2 Cards for Hunting and Game Camera Card Reader

Instantly access your Game/Trail Camera Photos with your Android 4.0 phone with OTG. No app Needed, just plug it in.
Compatible with most trail camera + Android 4.0 Phone supported with OTG Function. Notice: Please download “USB OTG Checker” on Google Playstore to verify if your phone supports OTG functionality before making the purchase
Simply insert your SD card into the Juslink card reader – Connect it to your phone’s microUSB port – Open the File Manager app – Start scanning & viewing, copying, deleting, or sharing your Game pictures and videos. Will require a free app called File Manager (file transfer)
Support SD card, Micro SD card, Mini SD card, MS , M2
The Juslink viewer is small and light weight while also being a fraction of the cost of those Bulky Cam viewers.

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