Browning Dark Ops Review

The two top trail cameras of the Browning brand as of today are the Strike Force and the Dark Ops models. Though my favorite is the Strike Force and it’s also the top camera on the market, both of them provide excellent quality and overall value. The performance they offer you would usually expect on much higher priced models. The difference between the two is that Dark Ops utilizes invisible “night vision” LEDs. So the camera can take pictures at night and the objects passing by will not detect it. Let’s take a closer look in this Browning Dark Ops review at the features of this model to see if it can live up to its sibling model.

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Browning Dark Ops Trail Camera Review

Detection Circuit

The trigger speed of Dark Ops is lightning fast at 0.67 seconds. The recovery time is 2.3 seconds. Such a fast reaction of the camera ensures that no object will pass by the camera without it capturing it. This speed is perfect for anything from wildlife observing to security use.

The detection range of the infrared flash is up to 70 feet. In comparison to 100 feet of the Strike Force, it’s a bit lower. But 70 feet is still a great range for any trail camera.

Image Quality

The day pictures are of good quality. They have plenty of color and clarity. Also, they are really sharp and in focus. The performance of the camera is really reliable, even in different weather conditions.

It’s a no glow camera, so expect the pictures a bit dimmer in comparison to Strike Force. There are no complaints of picture blurriness. However, if the animal will be right up close to the camera, the picture will be greatly whited out.

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Battery Life

The Browning Dark Ops runs on 8 AA batteries. They are not included in the camera’s package. To have extra longevity, it’s recommended to use lithium batteries. Optionally, you can use Nimh rechargeable batteries for cost saving purposes. Alkaline batteries will also fit this trail camera, but they have been proven to be not very consistent.

This camera features a low resting current draw, so you can expect the daytime power consumption to be very low, though the nighttime consumption is higher.

One set of lithium batteries will give you about one hunting season of battery life.

Ease of Use

The Dark Ops is a simple camera that features very straight forward programming. Starting it up is really easy. With the package you get an instruction manual that has all the details on how to mount, set up and use this camera. Even a novice who has never seen a game camera shouldn’t have any issues in setting it up. The user interface is really easy to read as well.

The case of the camera is very solid and the size of it is one of the smallest of all the trail cameras on the market. Coupled with the camouflage finish, you can easily hide it in the woods.

On the bottom of the unit there is a built-in bracket that you can use if you will decide to attach a python cable lock.


  • Fast trigger speed
  • Good detection zone
  • No Glow infrared flash
  • Durable design
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price


  • Shorter detection range in comparison to Strike Force
  • Nighttime power consumption is higher
  • Night video recording is only 10 seconds long

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The Bottom Line

The Dark Ops model is as impressive as the Strike Force game camera. For their price, it’s difficult to find better trail cameras. The Dark Ops is an excellent choice for security surveillance. The No Glow technology keeps the camera totally invisible. Fast detection and good flash range are other reasons to consider this little camera. You can compare this Browning Dark Ops review with the review of Strike Force here.

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