Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide

One of the newer developments in the game camera industry is the use of wireless and cellular technology. These game cameras are designed with an in-built transmitter or a SIM card from a cellular carrier, which transport images that the camera captures to your cellphone or email. Wireless cameras are extremely user friendly and very convenient as you don’t have to walk into the woods each time you want to see what’s captured on the camera.

Cellular game cameras are good for property surveillance as they can transmit real-time alerts of trespassers on the property. After the camera detects and captures an image of an object passing by, within 90 seconds you will have that image on your phone or email.

Wireless Trail Camera Reviews

If you’re looking for the best wireless trail camera on the market, our wireless trail camera reviews of the top 8 wireless game cameras will help you choose the one for your needs.

Covert Special Ops Code Black

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide
One of the most revolutionary and top rated trail cameras with the cellular technology is the Covert Special Ops Code Black model. It works with a GSM SIM card, with the major providers in the U.S. being T&T and TMobile. This camera is also really fast. Within just 60 seconds of an object entering the detection of the camera you will have the image on your phone or email.

Covert Special Ops also provides consistent picture quality. It offers a whopping 90 ft detection area, with the detection zone being wider than the field of view. So the camera snaps a photo just as the object walks into the field of view.

The trigger speed is below average and is 1.2 seconds. When not using the cell mode, the recovery time is 6 seconds. However, if the cellular mode is on, it’s 60 seconds as it takes 60 seconds to send each picture.

Both day and night pictures from the Covert Special Ops are very good. The daytime pictures have great color and clarity. Nighttime pictures are captured with 60 invisible flash LEDs. Staying invisible to the eye, it captures surprisingly clear and bright images.

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Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless is very simple and easy to set up and offers convenient pay-as-you-go renewals.

The camera settings can be quickly accessed and modified using a free app, so you can manage your camera via a computer or smart phone. First the images are saved to the web portal and from there you can either download the images or change the settings.

All data communication is done through AT&T network, but you don’t need to have it on your current phone plan, as all the data is provided through Bushnell.

The motion sensor is capable of detecting objects up to 60 feet away, with an impressive 0.6 trigger speed. The built-in temperature sensor provides consistent functioning in all weather conditions.

The images are of really good quality with 8 MP full color resolution. In addition to image capturing, there’s also high definition video mode with audio recording.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless is also equipped with a No-Glow flash, featuring 32 infrared LEDs. This night vision flash provides clear and sharp after-dark imagery.

There’re several modes available. You can either choose the live trigger mode, time lapse, or the Multi-Flash mode.

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Reconyx SC950C Cellular Enabled HyperFire Security Camera-AT&T

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide
The next best rated cellular trail camera, Reconyx SC950C, comes from a brand that is known for producing some of the best trail cameras on the market. This model is the first cellular trail camera from Reconyx. The camera supports At&T and many of the international cellular carriers.

Reconyx SC950C offers excellent detection with super fast trigger speed. The detection zone, which is 60 feet, is matches the field of view. The astonishing trigger speed is just 0.2 seconds. This camera offers a lot of flexibility. For example, you can choose the amount photos captured per a single trigger. It either be 1,2, or as much as 10. Other choice you have is the trigger delay, which can be set up to 5 minutes.

The pictures that the camera stores on the SD card are high quality full resolution, sot they are sharp, clear and with proper coloring. But the ones that are sent to your phone or email get compressed, so the quality will be different.

Different modes allow the user to get the settings for the exact needs. You can set the camera to operate at certain time periods. Then you can choose the Burst mode and have the camera take up to 10 images. Time-lapse surveillance mode also allows scheduling of certain intervals. There’s a loop recording option, which works by overwriting old images and providing continuous operation of the camera.

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HCO Uway GSM Wireless Scouting Camera, USM652

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide
One of the more affordable cellular trail camera options is the HCO Uway USM652. It can be used for business or home surveillance so you can instantly see who is on your property and wildlife watching to get live reports of what’s happening at your feeder.

It works with AT&T wireless prepaid card. As the camera captures an image, it saves a high resolution image to the SD card and a smaller sized version sends as an email or text picture. It takes up to 2 minutes to receive the image and it can be forwarded to up to 4 phone or email accounts.

The picture quality is very high, though the 5 MP is lower compared to many other trail cameras on the market. Unlike the above mentioned trail cameras, this model is not designed with no glow flash. So the flash is visible at night to humans, but it’s only a subtle glowing red.

HCO USM652 runs on 12 lithium batteries, which should give about 3-4 weeks of operation. The camera is additionally equipped with an external battery jack to which you can connect a solar panel.

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BolyGuard/ScoutGuard SG550M-8M

BolyGuard SG550M-8M is another high performing camera that comes with a wireless feature, high resolution of pictures, ultra long range, and video with audio recording.

The SG550M-8M trail camera will work with AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards. It instantly sends the captured images to your mobile phone or your email using GPRS and MMS transmission. The GPRS technology allows you to save on the communication costs.

The detection range and the infrared illumination range are up to 60 feet. It works well even in extreme low temperatures. The pictures come out incredibly clear with excellent color. The trigger time is 1.2 seconds, so it’s not the fastest camera, but for its price it’s considerably good.

The camera is designed with a 15 inch color display, allowing to view the captured images right on the device. The video recording feature comes with the addition of sound recording.

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Spypoint Tiny WBF Wireless Trail Camera

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide
Spypoint Tiny WBF also offers you the convenience of reviewing the captured images without having to go back to fetch the camera and without disturbing a potential hunting spot. It’s a powerful 8 MP trail camera that is equipped with a built-in wireless receiver. The range for the wireless receiver is 250 feet.

It delivers high quality color images during daytime and sharp black and white pictures during nighttime. After dark, the Spypoint Tiny WBF uses an infrared flash with 38 invisible LEDs.

What makes this camera stand out is its 3 sensors that have 7 detection zone with the range up to 50 feet. The instant trigger system provides faster speed of the motion sensor and more centered images.

The modes include a time lapse mode and a multi shot mode with up to 6 images per trigger. On the back of the camera there’s a 2.4 inch screen on which you view all the pictures. The camera also creates a backup of all the captured images in the blackbox receiver along with also saving to an SD card.

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HCO Outdoor Products Camera Wireless UMTS/W-CDMA 3G BO IR HD Flashlight

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide
Another great product that makes one of the best trail cellular cameras is the HCO Wireless 3G camera. This UMTS/W-CDMA is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile cellular carriers. However, you can choose your own service carrier, as well as service type.

There’re two plans available. One is MMS plan which allows to send images to your cellphone or email. Data plan includes image sending to an email. You can set up to 4 email addresses and phone numbers as recipients of the pictures.

It features a very easy setup that doesn’t require any software or computer. As it recognizes the SIM card, it automatically sets up all the parameters.

The picture quality is also great with the maximum resolution 8 MP. The No Glow invisible infrared flash delivers clear images while staying undetected by the animals.

You can either use the motion trigger mode or the time lapse mode. Alternatively, you can also use the video mode that will record up to 60-second long videos.

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Spartan GoCam Verizon IR

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews – Ultimate Guide
The last model on our best wireless game camera list is the Spartan GoCam Verizon. It is designed with solid wireless cellular technology, providing you with an advanced tool for your scouting, surveillance, hunting, or wildlife research. It’s really useful for any situation when you need to see the images instantly after they are taken.

This trail camera is compatible with HCO GoWireless Web as well with the mobile portal, giving you ultimate photo management solution. The camera is certified by Verizon and AT&T. You can either use a web portal, a computer application, or a mobile app.

The photo resolution can be set to either 3.5 MP or 8 MP. There’s also high resolution video recording on this camera. The flash can detect motion of an object up to 60 feet away.

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Choosing the Best Cellular Trail Camera

How Cellular/Wireless Game Cameras Work?

Cellular and wireless trail cameras are a combination of a traditional game camera and a basic cellphone. The two devices are housed in one unit that usually comes in a weatherproof case. They share the same power supply, which are usually lithium batteries.

To use a cellular trail camera you need to have an activated SIM card and a corresponding cellphone plan that will provide transmission of photos. Once you activate the card, the camera can start transmitting images. While the images stored on the SD card are of higher resolution, the images that are sent to your email or phone are compressed and smaller. On most cellular and wireless cameras the user can setup as many as 4 recipients on both phone and email.

GSM Network

Almost all of cellular cameras work with a GSM network. If you are in the U.S., then you will have to obtain cell service through either AT&T or T-Mobile carrier. However, after activating you can use your own cellular carrier and have the camera transmit images to any cellphone or network.

2G or 3G Coverage

Previously most of the cameras were supporting 2G service. However, since 2014 many wireless trail camera manufacturers have switched to 3G coverage.


Another aspect to consider when choosing a cellular game camera is the warranty that comes with the product. Most of the warranties will not cover cell coverage termination or poor cell reception.

Difference Between Wireless and Cellular Trail Cameras

How Does a Wireless Game Camera Work

Wireless trail camera design includes a built-in transmitter, which then uses a wireless network to send images to the recipient’s phone or email. The benefit of these cameras is that they are extremely user friendly and are very easy to install. Compared to traditional cameras there’re fewer attachments and no USB cords. You just choose a wireless network and connect to your camera.

The only drawback to wireless trail cameras is that when used in the outdoors, the outdoor environment can hamper the wireless signal. Also, you have to be inside the Wi-Fi range in order to receive the images.

How Does a Cellular Game Camera Work

Cellular trail cameras also use GSM networks to transmit the recorded images. The recipient can also get images on either phone or email, or both of them at once. You will need a SIM card and data package to transmit the images.

These cameras are usually quite compact and are suitable for use in both indoors and outdoors. Similar to wireless game cameras, the installation is simple with no wires required.


Cellular trail cameras are a great option if you are looking to upgrade your surveillance or wildlife watching experience. They are really good for surveillance purposes as you can instantly see who is trespassing on your property. The cameras are also advantageous for hunting as you can at once see who is passing the feeder. The 8 top rated wireless trail cameras mentioned above are the best wireless trail camera options that we have found on the market in 2015. Our wireless trail camera reviews were compiled based on many factors, including their feedback of real users, products’ rating, quality, and the usefulness of the included features.

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